A low barrier to entry environment for low-level audio DSP programming.

This playground aims to provide a productive and accessible environment for writing audio DSP algorithms. With on-the-fly code compilation and zero configuration, this environment allows for a focus on the code with very fast iteration.

Living in the browser and being JavaScript based, it makes the world of low-level audio programming more accessible while still fostering skills that are transferable to the often-necessary world of C programming.

The robust timing is made by possible by the use of the Audio Worklet, which after many years of design and discussion, finally started making its way into browsers in 2018. The important feature of the Audio Worklet is that the code is run on a dedicated audio thread, and not the main thread (as with the deprecated ScriptProcessorNode) which is shared with the rest of your code. In practical terms this means that is possible to write your own DSP code without it crackling every time you resize your browser window.

This was the second iteration of a previous version that was more aimed at Web Audio API developers who wanted to try out the full Audio Worklet interface.


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