Just Jam is Tim & Barry’s live music event, an online broadcast of underground music and visuals from venues ranging from Dalston nightclub The Alibi to The V&A Museum. In December 2014 they put on a special concert at The Barbican with artists from the UK, Portugal, Syria, Chicago and New Jersey.

For their very special show at the Barbican, Tim & Barry asked me to develop a real-time visual FX system that would include some of their favourite effects, add some new ones, and bring something new to their visual arsenal.

The dancer Litebulb from Chicago, with a motion amplifier effect.

For that something new, I made a quick prototype that used openCV to detect optical flow, which in turn could be used to control the parameters of an RGB shift effect, in other words the visuals would respond to the movement of the performers. They were so happy with the results we added motion response to all of the FX in the final system.

The system continues to be used in their regular Just Jam broadcasts on Don’t Watch That TV.

Dee Double E

D Double E of the Newham Generals with a time-lapse effect

JME and Skepta

JME and Skepta with the motion amplifier

Dancer Litebulb

Litebulb with the motion amplifier

Split fx

Myself with a combination of fx

Slit scan fx

A real-time slit scanning effect that creates a grid of blur at areas of movement

Just Jam Poster

Just Jam at the Barbican

FX Credits