I ran a three day “Introduction to SuperCollider” workshop at Resonate Festival ‘15. I had a great mix of participants, from a range of backgrounds: creative coders, iOS and web developers looking to try something new, 3D graphics programmers etc. Having such a technical audience was great, as we were able to cover a lot of material without getting too caught up on technical details.

The SuperCollider Environment

We covered the basics of the SuperCollider environment, oscillators, envelopes, filters, polyphony, modulation (AM/FM/PM), audio playback and recording, building audio graphs, sequencing, generative music/algorithmic composition, machine listening, live coding and interfacing with hardware and external software.

Students then worked on their own mini-project, most worked on integrating SuperCollider into an project in openFrameworks, Cinder or Unity.

Students working hard

Students working harder

Novation MIDI Controller

Novation kindly provided MIDI controllers for the workshop, both keyboards and launchpads.